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Isaac Feldman

Artist from Germany

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About the artist Isaac Feldman

I. Feldman is an Moldova native who now lives and creates in Hamburg, Germany. His belief in the importance of using top-grade materials is apparent to all who see his work. He finishes all his pieces of art with a high-grade varnish which protects them from harsh sunlight and dust, preserving them in the best way possible. His commendable skill, talent, and his ability to bring each work to life has made his paintings very sought after which can be found in numerous private collections and respectable art galleries and museum around the world. Investing in his work will bring a lifetime of pleasure to the most discriminating buyers of fine art and considering the talent of the artist, will only accrue in value as time passes by. This paintings is sold without a frame All works are copyrighted, and all rights are reserved by the artist. Thank You!

Exhibitions of Isaac Feldman

To date, he has participated in more than 120 exhibitions, of which: 53 are personal, 37 are international, the rest are regional and all-union. Museums and Galleries in which there are works 1987 National Art Museum Chisinau, Moldova 1992 Bender Art Gallery Bender, Moldova 1996 Ponte Buckets, Ponte Buckets Art Gallery, USA 1998 Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, USA 2002 Wilburton Art Gallery and Museum. Vermont, United States 2003 Museum of Contemporary Russian Art New Jersey, USA 2003 Zaporozhye Art Museum. Zaporizhia, Ukraine 2004 Belyaego Gallery Moscow, Russia 2007 Comerzbank Hamburg, Germany 2012 Gallery "Green - T - Room" Hamburg, Germany 2013 Gallery "Wilhelminenhaus" Kiel, Germany 2015 Gallery "Green - T - Room" Hamburg, Germany 2016 „Stiftung“ Mölln, Germany

Education of Isaac Feldman

1964 – 1972 – School 1972 – 1975 – Art school of Savitsky. Penza. 1975 – 1980 – The highest is art - industrial school of V.P. Mukhina. Leningrad. (St. Petersburg). 1976 – 1980 - The photographer-reporter's courses at the All-Union house newspaper photographers. Leningrad. (St. Petersburg). 1980 – 1982 – Creative masterful Ernesta Taaume. Tallinn. 1980 – 1984 – School of design Moscow. (In absentia).

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