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Irina Zaykina


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 July 13th, 2021

About the artist Irina Zaykina

I live and work in Ukraine, the city of Dnipro. I am an artist who is "head over heels" in love with fine art. I am constantly improving, it can be seen in my work. You are probably wondering why they become artists? I will try to explain my path to painting. My earliest memories are nature walks with my parents in the garden and I had a favorite book "Fashion Encyclopedia", I sketched women, because each one is unique, it is better than what God created. I collected flowers and kept them among the pages of books to preserve their beauty. For me, it was this love of flowers and my favorite book that led me to flower painting and painting of the female body. I like to approach each composition with the intention to reveal something invisible or unnoticed, to convey my inspiration and understatement of images. So that the viewer can contemplate and feel all the energy and emotions that I have embodied in my works. I often paint on large and oversized canvases - their size is limited only by the ability to carry them through the front door!

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