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"Who tasted the joy of creativity, he does not want other pleasures" A.P. Chekhov. Creativity for me is one of the main sources of happiness. I remember the moment of my childhood when they first brought me paints: first joy, magic, magic, touching something beyond the natural. This is just the case when what happened cannot be described in words. Until now, this feeling lives on in me. Creativity has always been my support in difficult moments of life. I try to accumulate in my paintings the beauty, goodness, joy of life. A fairly large part of my work is devoted to the floral theme. Flowers are the messengers of paradise. They brighten our life. Admiration, joy, amazement, this is not a complete list of feelings and emotions that they cause. I am a fan of flowers. I love all the best, for me it's flowers. They deserve our attention. Take my flowers into your life, may your life be just as beautiful Another direction of my work is abstractionism. I love this style for absolute freedom and the ability to portray even inexpressible emotions and feelings. thoughts. In abstractionism, not only the artist receives freedom, but also the one to whom his work is directed. This is freedom of perception.

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I take part in city and regional exhibitions in Odessa in 2018, was exhibited in the gallery of Harold Izmailovsky in 2017.


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First education: technical. Second: Ped. Institute, Faculty of Graphic Arts

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