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Irina Bocharova

Artist from Russia

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 May 25th, 2020

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About the artist Irina Bocharova

I am an architect, artist and designer. I draw since childhood, graduated from art school and the Moscow Architectural Institute. I am the creator of the brand of designer jewelry "Irina-Bo". I participate in exhibitions and fairs a lot, my works are in several galleries. I am often invited to participate in exhibitions. Now I am passionate about expressive art, I write a lot of still lifes, abstractions, nudes and people sketches. I love to draw in a mixed media and I never leave the work unfinished. I am constantly searching for new art techniques and styles, I study a lot and create many creative works. There are works written in watercolor, acrylic, painted in mixed media, graphics, batik, designer jewelry, digital graphics, books, websites in my creative portfolio, ... and this list is constantly expanding. I live in Moscow.

Exhibitions of Irina Bocharova

2020 - Exhibition «Stay in Touch Show», Gallery «Nagornaya», Moscow, Russia 2019 - Exhibition of creative works of graduates of MArkhI-83, CDA (Central House of Architect), Moscow - Exhibition «Capital Art Seasons. Spring-2019», Gallery «ART-Box», Moscow - Exhibition «Art-ABS», International Salon of Abstract Art, Gallery «ART-Boulevard», Moscow - Exhibition «Summer on ART-Boulevard», Gallery «ART-Boulevard», Moscow - Personal exhibition, Salon «Leninsky 85», Moscow - Exhibition «Still Life. Revival of the genre», Gallery «ART-Box», Moscow - International genre exhibition "I dream about this girl", "ART Box", Moscow 2018 - Exhibition «Art Mix», Art-space «kvARTIra number 10», Moscow - Exhibition «Capital Art Seasons. Autumn-2018», Gallery «ART-Box», Moscow - Exhibition «Nude-2018», Gallery «ART-Box», Moscow - Art fair «Treasure Island», Art space «kvARTIra number 10», Moscow 2015 - Art Fair «Seasons», Art-space «Art-Play», Moscow (March, June, December), Moscow 2014 - Art Fair «On Pokrovka», Moscow - Art-fair «Blue apples», Gallery «On Presnya», Moscow 2012 - Art Fair «Seasons. Summer», Art-space «Art-Play», Moscow 2010 - Art Fair «Seasons. Autumn», Art-space «Art-Play», Moscow 2009 - Art Fair «Firebird», VDNH, Moscow 2007 - Art Fair, Art-space «Arma», Moscow 2006 - «Art Bazaar», Art-space «Vinzavod», Moscow 2004 — Exhibition «Fuits of autumn», Gallery «Belyaevo», Moscow 2002 - Personal exhibition, CDA (Central House of Architects), Moscow - «Crafts Fair», VDNH, Moscow 1998 - Personal exhibition, Inkom-Bank office, Moscow 1997 - Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Central House of Artists (Central House of Artists), Moscow 1987-95 - Art fairs on the Krymskaya Embankment, Moscow 1985 - Employee Exhibition, “GIPROGOR”, Moscow - Permanent exhibition, Gallery «Good-ART Club», Moscow

Education of Irina Bocharova

Children’s art school, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USRR Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow, Russia

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