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My story is a one of how to listen to your heart and follow the cherished dreams of childhood. Initially, after receiving a philological education in a pedagogical university, more than 10 years I worked in a children's creativity center. My responsibilities were indirectly related to the fine arts - organization of events for children and theatricalizations. But the creation of scenery, costumes and the charm of children's creativity in general returned me to myr own childhood dreams. Only in 40 years I received a second higher education and became a teacher of fine arts. I am an adherent of classical academic painting, but I also try different techniques, change the artistic style of my paintings. My example can be useful to people who do not dare to change something in their lives and too easily part with their cherished childhood dreams.

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Bachelor Degree in Fine arts in Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University. Fine Arts Theacher

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