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Igor Tscherbakov

Artist from Russia

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 December 16th, 2020

About the artist Igor Tscherbakov

Born on the same day with his twin brother Andrey on August 30, 1965 in the Northern Urals in the village. Ous (from the Mansiysk "Red River"). Drawn always and everywhere. The first art order was from the father of Igor Ivanovich Shcherbakov. At the age of 5, my brother and I painted him hunting camus skis. Graduated from the Irkutsk Agricultural Institute as a hunting biologist. After that, Andrei studied at the Irkutsk Art School. I consider my brother to be my teacher and guide to the world of art. His name in the paintings is Uvey. The first joint exhibition was held in Khanty-Mansiysk (2008) Then the joint exhibition was held in Irkutsk (Rogal's House, 2015), in Baikalsk (2018).

Exhibitions of Igor Tscherbakov

2016 February Irkutsk. Rogal's house. Art exhibition of the Shcherbakov twin brothers "Art in the language of the subconscious" Apr 18 2016 - 5 July at 18:30, Irkutsk Drama Theater ... Art exhibition of the twin brothers Shcherbakov (Uwey & Chelo) "CO-Creation". September 7, 2020 Personal exhibition: "Ispomism and Quantum Physics in Art Space" Authors: artists brothers Uwey & Chelo (Shcherbakovs Andrey and Igor)

Education of Igor Tscherbakov

Graduated from the Irkutsk Agricultural Institute with a degree in hunting biology. There have always been artists around me. My twin brother Andrey (pseudonym Uwey) became my first teacher and guide to the world of art. I took many art courses, but everywhere I felt like a bird planted in a cage. There was always a desire to go beyond all canons and dogmas.

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