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Born in Kharkov in Ukraine, I’ve been engaged in furniture design and production all my life, I started painting my first oil paintings at the age of 15, my dad bought a painting from a Kharkov artist, he gave me the first set of paints and brushes, showed me how to use it and said, this is yours, it will work out, draw. I copied all the pictures of Aivazovsky, visited the museum in Feodosia and today he remains an example for me and a teacher, I think if he saw modern works in three or four spots, squares and stripes, he would cry. ...

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there were many exhibitions dedicated to the anniversary of Aivazovsky, solo exhibitions in his native city, but at that time he treated as a hobby and a way to relax and unwind, I do not like exhibitions even today, I do not feel comfortable, nervous and worried .....


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My education is not related to art, mechanical engineering, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, English, and then, furniture, furniture, furniture ........Today, the furniture is left behind, I want to draw, draw and draw ....

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