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Artist Igor Denisov

Igor Denisov

Artist from Russia

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About the artist Igor Denisov

As a painter I am mostly interested in learning and depicting such objects as human body, the folds of cloth, and the complex and varied structures of leaves, flowers, branches, stones, and grass. I create pictures of various genres and vary the execution method and the manner of painting in dependence of the subject matter and the emotional content. Sometimes I am fascinated by nature and eager to grasp the beauty of an object, an outdoor scene, or a personality. Sometimes I am inspired by the opportunity to try new painting tricks and introduce the new vision of a thing by placing it into an unusual context. Sometimes I am to embody an idea, a sudden image born in my mind. Sometimes I want to tell stories and sometimes - to make riddles. Sometimes my purpose is to play with concepts and to shift the paradigms. And sometimes I want that all together!

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Though I participated in several exibitions together with my friends and colleague artists, but my first and only (for the time being) personal exhibition is taking place now at the Impulse Estate, Moscow. It exhibits mainly my landscape canvases and is entitled just "Seasons". You can see pictures in my personal info.


As a child I attended an art school in my city of Tula. Later I entered the faculty of Design in the Tula University and graduated from it in 2004. The course comprised drawing and painting training and the history of arts. After graduation I have been working as a designer and art director in several companies and design agencies, but I never stopped painting.

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