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Bragin Igor Vladimirovich Was born in 1967. Zhigulevsk. Graduated from the art and graphic faculty of the Togliatti Pedagogical University in 1995. Participated in art exhibitions since 1991. Since 1991 through 2016, more than 30 exhibitions were held in the cities: Zhigulevsk, Tolyatti, Syzran, Samara, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Moscow, Paris, Hamburg, Bruges, Naples. Works are in collections: ‘’Hammer Center’’ Gallery ‘’Diagram’’ in Naples, Italy, gallery ‘’Raissa’’ in Erfurt, Germany, Museum of Art in Catona, Ohio, USA Museum'' New Orleans'', Louisiana, USA, art bureau in Poznań, Poland, Ministry of Culture of Russia, Federal Security Service, Moscow, Russia, Tolbukhinskaya art gallery, Bulgaria, Museum of Contemporary Art Avignon, France, Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, France, ''Secession'' Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Konstantinovsky Palace ''Palace of Congresses'', St. Petersburg, Russia. The paintings are kept in private collections of lovers of beauty in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Bulgaria, China. Member of the creative union of professional artists.

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Participant of more than thirty exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


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Факультет Изобразительного искусства и Мировой художественной культуры Самарского Государственного Университета.

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