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She was born on January 9, 1994. She spent her childhood in her native Ivano-Frankivsk, it was there that she got to know art for the first time thanks to the creativity of her parents and their environment.

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List of main works: 1) 2017. Thesis: play for the youngest "Kuvasyk", directed by Volodymyr Vlasyuk, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Academic Puppet Theater named after Mariyka Pidhyryanka . Artist director, puppet artist. 2) 2018. Puppet play for preschoolers "The Wolf and Seven Kids", directed by - Serhii Zabrodin, KMATL on the left bank of the Dnipro. m. Kyiv. Artist director, costume designer, doll artist. 3) 2018 Performance - inclusion "Anderson" for children with visual impairments, directed by Maksym Dobrolyubov, Kyiv National Academic Theater of Operetta. m. Kyiv. Artist director, costume designer, puppeteer. 4) 2019. Performance "Wild People", director - Oleksandra Merkulova, "Young Theater". m. Kyiv. Director artist, costume designer. 5) 2019. Performance "Night before Christmas", director - Oleksandr Zhila, Kyiv academic theater "Actor". Director artist, costume designer. 6) 2020. Performance "Estrogen", director - Honored Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhila, Kyiv Academic Theater "Actor". Artist director, artist of suits Participation in all-Ukrainian exhibitions: II Triennale "Ukrainian folk modern" 2012, Chernivtsi All-Ukrainian exhibition of decorative and applied arts "THE WORLD OF GOD, LIKE EASTER" 2013, Ternopil Second All-Ukrainian Triennial of Abstract Art "ART-AKT", 2013, Chernivtsi IV All-Ukrainian Triennial of Artistic Textiles 2013, Kyiv Member of the NSTU union since 2018 Member of the NSHU union since 2021


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In 2009, she began studying at the Kosiv School of Decorative and Applied Arts of the National Academy of Arts, where, under the patronage of folk and honored masters, she mastered the techniques of easel and monumental art. Acquaintance with the theatrical business, in particular the puppet theater, prompted him to enter the Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Karyo. Since 2013, she has been studying puppet theater scenography in Leonid Popov's studio under the close supervision of such artists as Mykola Danko, Maria Pogrebnyak, Serhii Churkin, Oleksandra Lozovska, Tetiana Silchenko, Kateryna Rudakova, and others. She finished her studies with a diploma performance at the Frankiv Academic Regional Puppet Theater named after M. Pidhyryanka, for the little ones "Kuvasyk" in a production with Volodymyr Vlasyuk. Having closely connected her life with the theater, she settled in Kyiv, where she received an offer to work in the staff of KMATL on the left bank of the Dnieper, as a prop artist. Simultaneously with fruitful work in the theater, she received a master's degree at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Arts of PNU in the specialty "Design. Modeling of clothes", where she successfully defended a scientific and practical work on the topic of "research on the transformation of folk motifs in the theatrical costume of Ukrainian puppet theaters", and the development of scenography for the play "Litavytsa".

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