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About the artist Hongtao Huang

I'm a professional artist Living in China, My art work is inspired by portrait and the body,My drawings are created using charcoal and pencil on paper,Also use oil and watercolor. Art is not just a part of my life, it’s my biggest passion,As time etches itself onto everything around us, I have always found comfort in painting body and portrait ,I feel the body is the most beautiful things in the world. I like to experiment and I fond of making oil paintings using various tools technique on canvas. Although I studied painting at school, But I usually tell others that I am a self-taught painter.

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2021 "Summer" contemporary art exhibition Zhengzhou, China. 2019 Fine classical Art, Beijing, China. 2018 China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China. 2017 Art classic gallery.CA.USA was shortlisted for the exhibition. 2016 International Artist Grand Prize Competition ,Guangzhou, China. 2015 Watercolours Fine Artworks Exhibition in Chanzhou China. 2014 Excellence Award of Haicang Art Exhibition in Xiamen, Fujian. 2014 Xiamen Fine Arts Exhibition, 2013 Second Prize of Art Works Competition in Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. 2012 Fine Arts Exhibition newcomers in Jiangsu. 2011 Young Oil Painters Invitational Exhibition in Beijing 2010 New fine artist of Nanjing in China. 2009 Jintan art exhibition,Art exhibition in Jintan ,Jiangsu.

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