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Dear there! My name is Hanna Sharko and my passion is to paint. I believe that I am an artist with diverse interests and abilities. I have created over 200 pieces of art and I'm not going to stop. I prefer to use my own style in my artworks. My paintings are completely original and each piece is unique. I have my own studio in Uzhhorod where I paint on everyday basis. I find my happiness in doing art. My main subject of work is nature, which is prominent in most of the works. Nature is the best inspiration. I paint flowers, the sunshine, cats sleeping in the garden, the smell of green grass, emotions, feelings, thoughts and everything that makes me happy. My paintings are full of life. My arts education at Transcarpatian Artist Institute has helped me develop a great foundation in the arts. By now I have participated in several exhibitions in Ukraine. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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15.12.11 - an exhibition in Chinadiyiv, Saint Miklos castle-palace. 19.12.12 - "Painting" exhibition in the village of Chinadievo, St. Miklos castle-palace. 14.02.13 - "Young People" exhibition, Mukachevo Art Gallery. 30.04.13 - "Studies" exhibition, Mukachevo Art Gallery. 07.05.13 - Youth exhibition, Uzhgorod Art Gallery.


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