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About the artist Germán Pattselt

I was born in Russia in the city of Voronezh. My father neglected us so my mother had to take care of me alone during my first years of life. Shortly thereafter he went to work in Spain and left me with my grandmother with whom I spent practically all my childhood. I just remember seeing my mother a couple of times during those years. She left me some drawings she made while she was pregnant with me. Looking at those drawings, I started drawing very early on. At the age of 10 my mother took me with her to live in Spain. Immediately she enrolled me in a painting school and there I learned everything I know. But painting is not my only passion, I like everything in general and something that seems to me to be very diverse is the development of video games, so my intention is to create my own video game studio. I don't see myself working in a factory or anything like that so I think making a living with my art is the best option.

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Every year i do an exhibition of paintings with my drawing class.


I have a high school education and now I'm finishing the scientific baccalaureate. My intention is to start next year the career of video game development.

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