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About the artist Georgina Vikor

I have been brought up in an artist family, exhibitions and art camps have always been part of everyday life. Therefore, my artistic upbringing has started very early. My studies took me to London for 6 years, where I had excellent opportunity to see and ’feel’ live the works of the great masters. The beauty, energy and inspiration coming fr om these works left an everlasting imprint on me. Painting is wh ere I feel myself at home. I had many opportunities to experiment with various techniques and materials. I had periods when I preferred aquarelle and chalk. However, about 15 years ago I started using oil paints and I still could not get tired of the vibrating colours, the infinite possibilities of mixing and the silky structure of the paints. A few years ago I have started making digital paintings. I use a stylus and a digital drawing tablet, the painting appears on the monitor just waiting to be printed on canvas or paper. In my work I love to explore hidden meanings and connections in life, searching for the invisible sense and wisdom of creation and aiming to capture life in its full beauty.

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In my early twenties I have taken part in various group exhibitions, for instance at Abigail Gallery in Budapest or at the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna. My first own exhibition was held in a private gallery in In 2017 I had my first own exhibition in a private gallery in my hometown Tata (Hungary) with the title of Paths of Souls. In 2019 Christmas exhibition in Tata.


BSc and MSc Honours in Economics from University College London.

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