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Gala Kolomenskaya

Artist from Kazakhstan

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About the artist Gala Kolomenskaya

Galina Kolomenskaya was born on April 6, 1976 in Kazakhstan, the city of Karaganda. While studying at a secondary school, she studied at the children's art school in Karaganda, from which she graduated with honors. Already in those years, she began to participate in exhibitions and festivals of children's creativity. After school, Galina studied and successfully graduated from the Karaganda State University of Professional Art Faculty in 1997. Specialization- painter. Since 2014, Member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The reason to create a picture can be anything - emotions, experiences, sounds, combinations of colors, shapes, lines in the surrounding world. The aim of the artist is not a reliable representation of reality, but a completely new world, which is the result of rethinking. Often the paintings are somewhat fantastic, their characters live their own lives, the emotionality and style of which are emphasized by bright colors. The artist is constantly engaged in exhibition activities - annual personal and combined regional exhibitions in his city, as well as abroad. The artist's works have repeatedly received prizes at international contemporary painting competitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia). They were also included in the TOP 100 of the International Art Festival in New York (USA), and were printed in the catalog. The works of this author are in the Local History Museum of Temirtau, the Museum of Fine Arts of Karaganda, collections of the Ministry of Defense and in private collections and galleries of Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Germany, Belgium, etc.

Exhibitions of Gala Kolomenskaya

Awards -2021. August – Grand Prix of the International Art Life Festival "Pages of History" Russia, Moscow -2019. June – International Festival of Erotic Art 3rd place in the nomination "Eroticism in paintings" Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Russia, Saint Petersburg -2019. March - International exhibition "VANGUARD TODAY" 3rd place in the nomination "Symbolism" Russia, Moscow -2018. March - International exhibition "Modern Avant-garde- VANGUARD TODAY" 1st and 3rd place in the nomination "Expressionism", 2nd place in the nomination "Impressionism" Moscow House of Artists Russia, Moscow Solo exhibitions -2021. November - solo exhibition "Osim Chaim" exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Karaganda -2019. March – solo exhibition at the art club Creative Environment Kazakhstan, Karaganda -2017. March-April - solo exhibition "Where the river flows..." art club Creative environment Kazakhstan, Karaganda -2016. May- August – solo exhibition "One step before the dream" art club Creative environment Kazakhstan, Karaganda -2015. August – solo exhibition "Fresh Wind" Local History Museum of Kazakhstan, Temirtau -2011 April- May – solo exhibition "Houses of Light" exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Karaganda Group exhibitions -2021. May - International Exhibition "The World of Colors" Latvia, Riga -2021. March- final of the Russian Art Prize Russia, Moscow -2020. August - Republican exhibition "Word and Independence" Kazakhstan, Taldykurgan -2017. November - Republican exhibition "Artist in the flow of time" Kazakhstan, Almaty -2016. October- 3rd International Exhibition and Fair of Contemporary Art ArtExpoSPb Russia, St. Petersburg -2016. October - International exhibition "Volin Autumn" within the framework of the 3rd International Festival "Caravan of Culture" Poland, Volin -December 2015 - Republican exhibition dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate of Kazakhstan, Almaty -2015. March- Taza Biennale Spring Salon Morocco, Taza -2014. October- the final of the TOP 100 of the International Festival of Arts IAF2014 Highline Loft Gallery in Chalsea USA, New York -2013. May- final of the TOP 100 of the IAF International Art Festival 2013 CPW Gallery USA, New York - 2008. November - International Festival of Creative Youth "Shabyt" Museum of Modern Art Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan Publications

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