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Frank Selen

Artist from Netherlands

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 May 27th, 2020

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About the artist Frank Selen

I do not paint what I see from the visible world, but rather what I feel. It is not a literal depiction of a place, but a feeling of a place. Painting is a process; I rarely paint what I set out to paint. And that is beautiful: a small or large experiment that leads me to a work of art. This process ensures that you can see a diversity in my works. I do not paint a realistic image, but an impression of another world. My inspiration comes from landscapes, skies, the sea, the universe, the big bang, life, death and various shapes, colors and textures. While painting I listen to powerful music and there is a scent of burning incense in the air. Most of my painting are made with oil paint, but lately I have been using acrylic paint as well. I paint on canvas or on wood, working with brushes, hands or whatever is necessary.

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