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I know, it is important to exhibit a life full of artistic adventures, because the paintings are better selling, yet a buyer pays for a picture. The protagonist of the sale is the picture, not the author, obviously the art of Serie A works on the contrary: the artist is selling not the picture. With this I don't want to say that art, of us B series painters, is insignificant, maybe I feel uncomfortable having to write something about me, it may not be reputed to turn into an interesting person, yes, it can be for this reason. Anyway I can tell something about me. I use painting to make a sort of challenge between the observer and the observed, let me explain better. The observer observes the picture and sees the general subject, which can be a nude, a still life, a landscape, but it can happen that the subject suddenly transforms. The picture turns and you see something else. This happens in almost all my paintings. Each picture has a title. For example a picture entitled "the pear on the table", you look at it and see a camel in the desert. Then start to ask yourself if the author of the painting was wrong to write the title, but reading the description you see that it is precisely like that. Then start to investigate the picture by looking for a probable camel in the desert. What you see corresponds only to what you want to see, not what is actually. This is the message of my paintings. A greeting.

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Once I won a painting contest in Portorecanati, first between 90 incalted painters. I have never cared about this victory, I did it for the money, you won a nice cash prize. Clearly I participated in many painting exhibitions, hoping to sell my paintings, only the public did not exceed two or three units. I could fill this page of exhibitions to which I participated, but I am ashamed. Yes, I am ashamed. A greeting from the depths of shame.


What can I say! I am retired, so I have a long enough past where to look for an academic title, a diploma, a particular course, something that demonstrates that my paintings have a certain and certified root from a competent commission. Search, look, look for ... I can't find anything. Maybe it's not my lucky day! Fortune apart, this is the artist's problem without a cultural look to be exhibited in the curriculum that you have to fill in, otherwise the quality of your works falls up to a minimum permitted by human reason. Could I lie, so what would you notice? Would anyone have courage, time, desire, necessity, the anxiety of verifying titles? No. I will not lie. I have no titles.

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