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My name is Florencia Degraf. I was born and raised in 1993 in Misiones, Argentina, Now living in the United States. I am a bachelor in Textile design From the University of Buenos Aires, with more than 10 Years of experience in fashion. Daughter of an artist, I have had the pleasure of learning the passion for art since I was little. I find colors, shapes, and aesthetics in my work similar to those used by my mother. She motivated the love I have today for surrealism and metaphysics and the most outstanding artists such as Rene Magritte, Remedios Varo, and Bosch. In my works, I seek to capture the viewer, retain him in space searching for meanings, disturb him, awaken such great concern by tattooing myself in his memory. The color palette used tends towards dark colors, thus giving an aura of mystery. The connection between acrylics and paper is opportune due to the lines' fluidity and the color's intensity. I like to think that art is everywhere, and it is on us to take it and merge it creating something new. In my case, I always consider myself the fish against the current, my musical, cinematographic, aesthetic tastes; Although rejected by many, they generated in me the imagination to create the worlds that I paint. To finish, I aspire with this to be able to reach more people, grow, fill myself with experiences so as not to stop producing what makes me so happy and has accompanied me my whole life.

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Bienal Exhibition at Buenos Aires University 2015


Textile Design at Buenos Aires University

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