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About the artist Fin Rice

Upon completion of High school age 18 I drove solo from Adelaide to Darwin across Australia to work on one of the biggest cattle stations in the world. I have always been up for an adventure and so one snow season whilst unable to ski due to injury I found photography. The perfect tool for me to create starting with private clients sports photography. Heli-skiing at various mountains and countries leading to magazine work . Fashion images followed evolving my photos to digital and layout . I like to direct what I make and Life isnt plastic So I thought that I would do art and be famous not fabulous. Whilst at a party and trying to say no to a private photo comision I blurted out that I only did nudes, which totally backfired. Everyone started getting kit off. being surrounded by amazing humane form and a distinct eye for classical style my images tend to be simple uncomplicated, capturing and harnessing cool things from real life. I like large scale bold unframed stretched canvas. Because I have been using The same medium for my art for over 18 years Photography / Printing large scale/ Painting I have had lots of time to experiment I try to create Timeless artwork, That lasts for generations

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my last exhibition was BAM@BADDOG on 26/ 08/ 2017

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