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About the artist Figaro de Montmartre

Figaro de Montmartre, as twin souls, are painting an environment of Happiness, using Colours with a magical sound, made in Love, for the survival of humanity, stuck in the matrix of an increasingly artificial society. Together as one, they write, produce, compose, perform and design their own creations.

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Figaro de Montmartre is also a musical duo coming on stage, around unique metal accessories; Creations made fr om salvaged vehicle springs which represent the weight of progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world. Wh ere French cabaret meets jungle, dub, drum'n bass, rock, breakbeat, trip hop… Here they are! Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new aeon in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage. The multiplicity of this sound is a blend of insights nourished by numerous references in all kinds of music!!


Figaro has scarcely finished her education in parisian private schools of Art when she first step onto stages of Fashion shows cabaret, theatre and television. Her paths have crossed those of the most famous fashion designers. At the same time, she’s been introduced in the musical world, as singer-songwriter, produced by Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols). She followed Jimmy Cliff on tours among others... While Tecla, growing near Turin, fled the most infamous Culinary Art schools of Piedmont and jumped onto the stage of the italian squats thanks to his gift of drummer. Laurel Aitken, Mad Professor and Massive Attack were the firsts to open him routes to the great peaks.

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