Artist Evgenya Bakhtigareeva

Evgenya Bakhtigareeva

Artist from Ukraine

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In the creative community of artists
at Jose Art Gallery since
 June 16th, 2019

About the artist Evgenya Bakhtigareeva

Participant of national and international exhibitions. The winner in the nomination of an abstract portrait of 2011. Portfolio and information about me: @baxtik.art Illustrations by tag #baxtik_illustration, paintings- # baxtik_kartiny. I teach intuitive painting and art therapy at the gallery. Works until 2017 https://arts.in.ua/artists/odinxydognik/

Exhibitions of Evgenya Bakhtigareeva

2010 - exhibition of the Crimean artists "Bloom", Sevastopol 2010.-exhibition of abstract Sevastopol. 2011 -participant in the exhibition "Sevastopol", the category of abstract urban landscape. 2012- exhibition in the house of the Union of Artists, offset. 2019 - an exhibition "Art kray" Kiev 2020- participant of the exhibition in the Venice Biennale, as part of a group of Ukrainian artists, "The Falling Shadow of Mriya on the Gardens of Giardigny".

Education of Evgenya Bakhtigareeva

Education LNAI Graphic design. The second higher medical, doctor. I study art therapy.

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