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I am an artist and a creative person. She graduated from the Center for the Arts for Gifted Children of Siberia and the Design Institute with a red diploma. Grew up in a creative environment. Initially, she strove for beauty in everything that further pushed for the creation of beauty itself. All my free time I draw and read. Many books inspire me to create masterpieces. I want to give people creativity, conceptualism through their vision of the world.

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Graduated from Khanty-Mansiysk College-boarding arts in 2005 with honors; "specialty" Design (environment); "qualification": designer. Main activities: design and performance. Graduated in 2008 from Khanty-Mansi Institute of design and applied arts (branch) of the Ural state Academy of architecture and art with honors; "specialty" design. * Diploma of the laureate of the all-Russian specialized exhibition "DESIGN-LAND 2006" for the exposition of coursework in the field of urban design.  * Diploma for participation in the exhibition " design of virtual environment "for course work: the layout of the chair" Comfort " architect Le Corbusier. * Diploma of the II degree "Young design of Ugra 2008" for the work "Transformation of integrated child seat" in the section " Industrial design» * Diploma for the original design of the stand "Construction" in 2009 * Certificate of the British higher school of design for participation in the summer intensive in the direction of "Graphic design", 2012 * Certificate of the British higher school of design for participation in the workshop on "Typeface and typography", 2013

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