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At the moment she is carried away by copies of great masters. Especially female portraits of the 15-19 century. It is interesting for me to learn the technique of the master who wrote the original, to have tools and art materials close to the materials of those times. Such work requires a long preparatory period and the study of the nuances of the author's work, leisurely work on the picture. ⠀ And it is also very exciting when you try to penetrate into the essence of the portrait and convey to the canvas the exact facial expressions, facial expressions, emotions, to feel everything that the artist felt when he wrote the original, at the same time the state and the models who posed. ⠀ And of course it is interesting to indulge in colors, color relationships, and the method of applying strokes, at the same time to study the history of the royal people of those times.

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Dnepropetrovsk Theater and Art College.

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