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Человек простой Дома, как кубики-рубики, как белые зубики, детские, молочные, И только зимней ночью. А в домах гостиные пригожи, потеют ладошки, липнут к ним крошки. Но сейчас я нервничаю иногда. Овсянку ел целую неделю, запивал водой. ослабевшею рукой Рисовал взрослые картины человек простой.

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We somehow came to church with you, As always, not crowded, and cold from the ground. In the dusk the flicker disturbs me, I won't go there without you. People swallow holy water They light thin candles. The lamps hide, hide their secrets: People's prayers and malice, everyone knows. Silent voices in my head are noisy. Dark corners of the temple frighten, The windows are narrow and tall. Rays-swords pierce them, deep. Darkness lurks under the copper dome, I'm standing, nowhere without you. False shiver went through the skin, People are praying, I have to go too. The church is tired, you are crying, Open the doors, put out the fires. Pale faces of sins beg. The demon challenges the mystery. save me save me My world, my soul.


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Sandcastle, tea without sugar, but sugar in the mouth. Close your eyes, fall asleep soon, I fall asleep too. You will see there, on the blue clouds, I am walking with you. Beige snow falls up. Reveal the secret, are you dying? I'll die for you, do you agree? I will build a sand castle for you, but do you want an iron one? Stay forever, disappear without a trace, and maybe without consequences. And then the wave will destroy the coast, our castle never! Beige snow falls up There is light in the distance, I had to die. Now I'm falling up like beige snow. Falling beige snow. I fall with him into the blinding light. But you're not there. But you're not there. I see your face, I hear your laugh I see your face, I hear your laugh I see your face, I hear your laugh.

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