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The story of one artist originally from Belarus ... July 1, 1983 that very happy day when Elina was born into the light of God. After a little more than three years, she issued her first masterpiece, and it became clear that this was a “talent” from God. She didn't suspect that she would be waiting for 12 years of training in the art of painting: 4 years in an art school, 1 year in an art studio, 4 years in an art college in Minsk, 3 years in special. program at the Faculty of Arts of Grodno State University. All skills were polished and honed there. Now Elina lives in Ukraine and presents her artworks in this wonderful country. Her purpose is to share with all the brightness and diversity of the colors of God's creation, which we can miss in everyday life. She organized an exhibition of her student works in her native city in Belarus and took part in the exhibition "Seasons" in Ternopol (Ukraine) in the last autumn.

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Faculty of Arts of Grodno State University.

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