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Am I an artist? Definitely, because I believe that each of us is the creator of our own destiny! On the path of each of us there are trials, happiness, and after all, when you start a new project, business, or a new person appears in your life, you look like a blank canvas and the colors begin to appear. Whether it will be abstract or realistic paintings, you decide! Therefore, my art is to declare to the world not about myself, but about my emotions, what I saw, something that cannot be said in words - about life itself! My path can be depicted as a segment, where I periodically take my brushes in my hands. I am 37 years old and I live in St. Petersburg, here I started with the profession of a make-up artist. The brush is an auxiliary tool that helps people become more confident. For 8 years I have been working with people, there were different creative and business stories, but there was always something missing. And after starting my studies in painting, I realized that this is the format where you don't lie to yourself, where you will definitely find those who will appreciate and accept you. I paint in mixed media using textured paste, acrylate leaf. Each picture is a state of mind, now you can paint measured and calm strokes, and tomorrow splashes of paint from which a cry emanates. A picture can evoke different feelings, it can be yours or yours, but it always needs a viewer. Thank you, everyone who noted my work, may new magical discoveries occur

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