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Elena lives in Latvia and she: - Member of the Professional Union of Artists, - Resident of the ASM Club of the International Association of Artists, - Listed in the Unified Register of Professional Artists. Elena says: I am in beautiful little Latvia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, which gives freshness and inspiration. Once I visited the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov (he lived on the island of Lake Pskov in Russia). The elder blessed me for creativity. Since then, I have been creating icons, portraits and paintings for 25 years. My works are in different temples and houses, as well as in different countries. I like to spiritualize the space so that it helps to think about God and creates a favorable atmosphere in the house. I write acrylic, oil paints, gouache, pastel - on canvas and cardboard. Creativity, like a prayer, connects me with God.

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- Exhibition "TALES OF WINTER - between sleep and reality" - St. Petersburg, February 2023 - Exhibition "I am a woman, I am the center of the World" - Moscow - March 13-19, 2023 - Exhibition "Earth. Rebirth" - Moscow, Darwin Museum. June 2023 The icons that I created have been exhibited and kept in Orthodox churches in Latvia since 2000 and still are. Also in other regions.


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- art school - private art studio - icon painting workshop - sacred art

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