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About the artist Elena Arkhipova

My name is Elena. I am 31 years old. I was born in Ukraine in the city of Lviv. I have been painting with oil paints since 2010. I take most of my paintings fr om dreams. The cosmos itself sends me an image of what he wants me to draw right in my head. People ask me - where do I get my ideas? I do not invent anything. Pictures as messages appear in my head already ready. This is a connection with space. I am the person with whom so many times supernatural events have occurred that it is hard to believe in such a thing. I very often see UFOs in the sky, I even managed to film it. My work is what space asked me to show people. I am also a professional photographer and tattoo master. But my main business is drawing oil paintings. All I want to say to the viewer: Magic is real!

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2015-2019 Lviv. Street Exhibitions. Market Square 2019 Ukraine Lviv. restaurant-club "Loft" Personal exhibition


In 2006, I graduated from Lviv Secondary School No. 45. Starting from the age of five, I studied at the art school named after Pogulianka for 10 years. After graduating from high school, I studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic University. By profession I am an architect and designer of the architectural environment.

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