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Constructer engineer at SSTgroup, work experience ower 10 years, worked in the position of leading constructor, chief constructor.... Making carved candles for ten years+ Musician education - piano for 12 years, bundura(national ukrainian instrument)-7years, vocal -7years, guitar-finished the 5year course in two years, plaid in jazz band for two years on piano, in orchestra of national instruments on bundura for two years. Started extending drawing class in the age of 3.5 years old (also started piano, choreography, figure skating, pre school edukation), took part in all executions, got a lot of diplomas, if anyone will find my works please show me, I send such a great amount of my beautiful works, and they didn't come back. Up to the age of 7 was drawing marvelous nature, in this age I send my works in Japan and won the trip to Japan to be awarded but the letter, was opened up, and no ticket was inside....some one flew in Japan insted of me, it was a dream of my life, at the age of 7 I sturted serinzi-kempo, I hope I wrote it wright in english, and erned yellow belt at that time, to go to Japan....I loved everything about this country - culture, language, traditional,respect. My teacher betrayed me, I thought I would be never able to draw again, but I sturted drawing with my unt, and also she is my godmother still lifes with watercolor. She gave me the best present in the worlg- professional paintings , I just loved each collor, painting with watercolor was my favourite, thought I couldn't draw like I was drawing earlier and I decided to quit for a long time, I just couldn't draw classic any more, I desided to take a break and search for my own stile. Blacksmith for one year, welder 4 categorie. Sturted painting with acrilic paint in 2021 and just loved it, I just found The One, love all about them..... In the time of war activity volunteer, helping medical forses...

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