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My name is Caterina. I'm Russian, I live in Moscow. Painting is my everything. I've been doing it my entire life. I learnt the basics of painting from The Moscow University of Modern Arts and from the icon center named "Russian Icon-21century",Moscow. My works represent the poetry of the world:the sea, the fire, the sky, the universe. I'm passionate about the sea and the ocean though. I'm addicted to them. I travel a lot and wherever l go my camera and sketchbook are always around. My works are mostly about the beauty of the undersea, the serenity of the ocean and amazing moon and lightning tandem. I use brushes and my fingertips to create my paintings. My works are acrylic, oil paint and epoxy. The owner will be delighted by the different way my paintings look at daytime and nighttime. The potal I use will make them shine and sparkle when the day is over as well as fluorescent acrylic paints. I've participated in international contests, interviews and articles for local and international magazines and TV shows.

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23.08.2013 gallery "AYA" Kursk, Russia, "My journey " 11.092015 gallery "AYA" Kursk, Russia, " My instructions" 30.082017 gallery "AYA" Kursk, Russia, "Ah,the sea, the sea..." 01.082019 gallery "W&P" on Novoslobodskaya 21, Moscow, Russia 01.08.2019 literary Museum on Sadovaya street Kursk,Russia 30.09.2019 gallery "W&P" on Novoslobodskaya 21, Moscow, Russia 2.11.2019 r.p.Zarechye leisure center, Moskovskaya region, Russia "In the footsteps of Aivazovsky" 10.07.2020 from the gallery "ART Boulevard" , "New names" festival, Moscow.,Russia


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The Moscow University of Modern Arts 2003-2006 Icon center named "Russian Icon-21 center, Moscow 2010

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