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Artist from United Arab Emirates

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About the artist Ekaterina Campbell

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Born in the former USSR, in 1974 I painted an image of a dying planet with gouache on paper, long before environmental concerns became widely discussed. In pursuit of artistic growth, I moved to California as a young adult to study art. I dedicated myself to learning from the old masters, particularly delving into Rembrandt's techniques at Lance Richlin Atelier. These years of study and practice laid the groundwork for my artistic style, blending classical mastery with contemporary themes. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to showcase my work in exhibitions and create commissioned portraits. Each piece reflects my dedication to storytelling and my desire to capture the essence of my subjects.

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Private exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA Exhibition organized by Moscow Customs Academy. Moscow, Russia.


Lance Richlin’s Atelier private studio, Los Angeles, CA - painting and drawing - old master’s Rembrandt technique (canvas preparation, blending techniques etc). Associates in Arts Studio in Los Angeles - figure drawing. UCLA (University California Los Angeles) - School of Film, Theatre and Television, Animation Department. San Francisco Art Academy - Department of Illustration/Animation.

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