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Irina Drobna

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Irina Drobna

Drobna Irina is an artist from Ukraine, the city of Kiev. Year of birth February 7, 1986. He was educated as an artist-designer. For a long time I was engaged in art, my profession as a decorator was, my love for painting, which forever entered my life. My paintings are a reflection of myself, emotions that I can not express in words. I am experimenting with textures, exploring color relationships and unexpected comparisons that occur while painting. Backgrounds arise and change in the process.

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Events: My exhibitions and awards, Winner of the "Man of the Year 2011" competition in the "Art" nomination Exhibitions: 2013-2016. Participated in competitions, exhibitions of some of my works. 2016 Personal exhibition in my region


The artist graduated by education in 2004

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