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Dr. Mythili Kolluru

Artist from Oman

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About the artist Dr. Mythili Kolluru

I am a self-made artist I only learned art for a few months and then moved on to experiment with colors. My works are mostly oil colors, pastel, and sketches. I am presently working on a 108 series of sketches titled "spirituality". They reflect both abstract emotions and actual places of spirituality. The series involves simple sketches and extensively detailed sketches of Indian deities. I have been painting for almost over a decade. I have also passed my lower drawing national certification which is conducted at the state level(Andhra Pradesh-India). I am very passionate about my sketches and painting. I love to work with pastels as I work directly with my hands in pastels.

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It was a group painting exhibition conducted at Gran bay hotel in Visakhapatnam in India. There were around 30 artists who participated in the show. I had personally put up 4 watercolors and one charcoal painting. One of my charcoal painting was selected to be gifted to the chief guest. The exhibition was for two days and it was conducted in the year 2008.


I am a certified Strategic Planning Professional with a doctorate in Strategic Management. I have to credit an MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. I have published numerous research articles and a book on strategic management. I have participated in research conferences and also supervise student-projects for international student conferences. Presently I am an Assistant Professor of-Strategy and Organizational Studies at a government college in the Middle East.

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