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Diana Kushnarenko

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Diana Kushnarenko

Hi! I am 24 years old, was born in the Kherson region in Ukraine. Since childhood I studied music, playing guitar and piano. In 2012 moved to Kharkov to study at National Law Academy. I liked to draw since childhood, but I became serious about this while studying at the academy. I am inspired by dreams, nature, works of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo. Despite my pragmatic legal profession, I always strive for a world of dreams and fantasies in my art. I work as a copyright lawyer in a public organization and I am an artist. Now I live in Kiev, it is beautiful city, it inspires me with it`s energy and rhythm.

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Exhibition of modern Ukrainian artists. Kyiv. 2019. Art gallery "Mytets".


I have higher legal education. I did not study painting at the academy, I paint the way I feel, I like these strange characters and wanna share my fantasies.

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