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Desislava Tsankova

Artist from Bulgaria

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About the artist Desislava Tsankova

I have always admired nature and its forms - from the smallest - those that build bigger, to those that are vast to the human eye. Natural or human, they are always present in one way or another in my work. Through the forms I use I do not look for concreteness, truth in the literal sense of the word, narrative or sense of time and space. Sometimes they decompose beyond recognition into small abstract parts or primary biomorphic forms, through which I seek their impact on our consciousness and the idea of the human and the eternal. Sometimes they are deliberate searches for human or natural forms in space; of the various states which they suggest through their plasticity. Sometimes they are simple, soft and associative, at times deliberately exaggerated to recreate the feeling of something unreal, but at the same time real and lasting. But the forms are always real and eternal, they exist here and now. They are a complex challenge - both to the abstract mind and imagination, to the sensitivity and the ability to orchestrate the senses. Their diversity has many faces and one for each individual viewer.

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Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2016 - "In Wonderland". Gallery Keshan, Sofia 2013 – “Dreams made of fire”, Gallery Keshan, Sofia 2012 – “Live forms in an unreal world.”, Gallery Keshan, Sofia 2004 – “Strings and red glitter”, WSA, London Selected Group Exhibitions: 2021 - Third International Abstract Art Contest “21x21” 2020/2021, [a] cube contemporary, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012 – National exhibition of crafts and arts Oreshak, Troyan 2005 – WSA, London 2004 – Canizzaro Park, London 2004 – WSA, London 2003 – WSA, London 2000 - Specialised High School of Fine Arts “Prof. N. Raynov”, Sofia 1999 – Sofia City Fine Art Gallery, Sofia 1999 – Military Club, Sofia 1998 - Sofia City Fine Art Gallery, Sofia En plein airs: 2012 – “The magic of clay”, National exhibition of crafts and arts Oreshak, Troyan


MA History and Theory of Art at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria October 2005 – June 2007 BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture at London, England, Wimbledon School of Art September 2002 – July 2005 Foundation Course in Art and Design at Bath, England Bath Spa University College August 2001- June 2002 Specialised High School of Fine Arts Sofia, Bulgaria “Prof. Nikolay Raynov” September 1997-June 2001

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