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I live in the small town of Richlands in the state of Virginia. From the moment I was a small child I have created art. Over the years I have did many different mediums and styles. I always enjoy new discoveries in art and in how I can convey what I see inside my mind. My main interest is in oil painting, but I also enjoy drawing, sculpture, casting, and even scrimshaw. I look forward to the future of my art and what I will create and on here I wish to share the art of my present and pass for others to hopefully enjoy.

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Although I have did thousands of pieces of artwork over the years, most have never even been seen by anyone. So I don't have any personal exhibitions to list at this time. My hope is that maybe my art can cause someone to think or feel something that I have felt in creating that particular piece and bring some kind of emotion or feeling into someone else's life. I will of course be very thankful if someday in the future I am fortunate enough to belong to some exhibitions and my artwork can have a wider audience.


I graduated fr om high school in Richlands Virginia, then I attended Southwest Virginia Community College. Most of my early art studies began in high school with a few limited college classes. Many mediums I learned on my own such as oil painting, wood sculpture and scrimshaw, yet painting has always been wh ere my fondness lies. Although I will always consider reading about and studying the old masters important in my art, even though my route was a more informal route.

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