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Serban Cernat Denis, “Dena”, is a 29 years old painter fr om Brasov city, Transylvania, Romania. She is painting since she was just 5 years old. Dena was always encouraged by her parents and teachers to continue exploring her feelings and creativity. Even if she couldn’t study art neither in high school nor at university, she kept creating paintings because she had a number of customers who loved her art and always ordered her new works. After participating in several art contests and having a number of art exhibitions as a child, Dena stopped painting for a couple of years in order to study Law and Psychology. She obtained 2 degrees and went for 2 other master degrees in psychotherapy and drug combat. Working in the law and psychology field wasn’t enough for her so she started painting again a while ago because art was and still is her biggest love. For years Dena worked strictly on orders fr om her acquaintances, friends, family, etc. until one day when she met an incredible talented painter in Brasov who convinced her to have an official exhibition at an Art Gallery. This is how her passion turned into a calling and into a career. It started with this first exhibition and then Dena started teaching art at this gallery, both for children and for adults. Even if she had taught art before at different art schools and education facilities in Brasov city, the Gallery’s magic made her stay there where she feels cherished and loved as a friend and as a teacher. Dena held 7 exhibitions (3 for charity cases) and currently she is preparing herself for more projects. She participated in a number of Gift Fairs and Christmas Fairs where she donated some of my works to different charity causes involving children, abandoned animals and elders. She also participated in a number of projects and culture festivals during the years regarding art and art-therapy. Dena worked as a psychotherapist having her own practice where she preferred to use art-therapy instruments and techniques. Moreover, she worked as a psychologist at the local Red Cross Organization wh ere she was in charge with an educational center for children (here she also taught English, Spanish and art for the kids). Nowadays Dena is an art teacher at the Ora0 Art Gallery from Brasov City. Besides teaching she is currently involved in her work, making new paintings and collages and trying to learn more and evolve as an artist. Her preferred painting techniques are acrylics- palette knife painting, finger painting, acrylics pouring, dripping and splashing. Her main collections are: BLACK SYMBIOTIC WORLD (ACRYLICS ON CARDBOARD- HOMEMADE FRAMES, BLACK AND WHITE SERIE), NEVERLAND (ACRYLICS ON CANVAS), LOST IN EDEN (ACRYLICS ON CANVAS AND MIXED MEDIA), CICLICITY (MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, RAW VEGAN INGREDIENTS).

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2004- Art exhibition for the pupils of Elementary school no. 13 from Brasov, at Baiulescu House Brasov- Winter Beauty- watercolor paintings. 2011- Art contest and exhibition- painting on skateboards- organised by FatzaDA Brasov- 3d prize. 2017- Art exhibition- acrylics and mixed media, Black Symbiotic World collection- at Ora0 Art Gallery, Braşov 2018- Art exhibition- acrylics, Neverland and Neverland for children collections- at Ora0 Art Gallery, Braşov 2018- Art exhibition- Neverland for children collection- during 1st of June event for children organised at Speedy Green, Braşov by the Red Cross Local Organisation. 2018- Charity art exhibition- Rockstadt Club, Braşov (paintings made from 2010-2017) 2018- Art exhibition- paintings in acrylics and illustrations in pencil and liners, The universe within me collection- at Speedy Green, Braşov 2018- Art exhibition- acrylics and mixed media, Lost in Eden collection- Ora0 Art Gallery, Braşov. 2018- Winter charity fair- illustrations in pencil and liners and paintings in mixed media- at Reduta Cultural Centre Brasov, organised by Beard Brothers Romania- charity event 2018 (works from previous collections).


2008-2011- Law school- bachelor degree/ Spiru Haret University of Bucharest 2008-2011- Psychology faculty- bachelor degree/ Spiru Haret University of Brasov 2011-2013- Drug combat and prevention- master's degree/ University of Bucharest 2013-2015- Adlerian Psychotherapy- master's degree/ The Adlerian Association for Psychologist and Psychotherapy from Romania (APPAR)

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