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Daumantas Ercmonas

Artist from Netherlands

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About the artist Daumantas Ercmonas

Daumantas Ercmonas is self-taught modern contemporary visual artist specialising in fine art - acrylic paintings. Daumantas’ styles include: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstract, Semi-Abstract, Surrealism, Landscapes, Figurative Realism, Fantasy, Minimalism, Subtle, Mystical, Symbolic, Puzzling.

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Exhibitions & Art events: Live Painting – Connecting Cultures Pop Up @ Amsterdam 2020 Exhibition @ Zo Mooij Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (24th November, 2019) Exhibition Acrylicly Trippy 2018 @ Coffeeshop De Supermarkt, Amsterdam Amateur Kunst Expositie Amstelveen 2018, The Netherlands Amsterdam Art Battle 2019 @ Pllek Exhibition 2019 @ Coffeeshop ”De Supermarkt”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


University: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Vilnius: Bachelor’s degree – professional physical training with Martial Arts specialty, Physical Education and Sports Training. Middle School: Vilniaus Tuskulėnų Middle School (12 years of advanced art classes)

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