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I draw when inspiration comes. It is impossible to manage, so it’s hard to say when I will draw the next picture. Many people ask why don`t I share my artworks in social networks. It`s because the process looks like this. In one hand is a brush. In another hand is brush too. And another one in the teeth. If I leave it on the table there is a chance that I will drop it in glass, because I do not wash off the paint. On the head, instead of a red (any other) beret, is armageddon. Well, because. I am wearing a sweater from school; the lanyards from the hood are shoved inside, because I like to wind them over with fresh paint. With headphones happens the same story, there are in a ball and under a jacket. Tea, coffee and cookies are required in the access area. Or any other desired food, because, as my teacher said, the artist should be sated and satisfied. On the other hand is woolen (just my cat). He masterfully portrays nonsense, squints his eyes and lies in a loaf posture. But if I turn away for a second with a 90% probability he will put his paw in the paint and will walk proudly with a green fur. And the paint is washed off the fur with hot water and soap (of course it`s a taboo). On the table, in addition to various art things, lives a large unpresentable sock that serves as a rag. Well, when I raise my eyes from work and see such a cozy picture, the question of a photo like "I'm an artist" disappears by itself. Sorry for my beautiful English, with love to you.

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I didn`t hold solo exhibitions


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I attended art courses of Petrikov painting during six years, I also was engaged in graphics. I have been painting in Petrikov style total 12 years.

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