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Dariusz Fluder

Artist from Poland

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About the artist Dariusz Fluder

The subject of my work is very wide. Writing about what inspires me would have to be updated quite often ... So if I could talk about some relatively repetitive reference, it is an image of the moment, the situation in which I found the object, or rather I would like to capture and convey to the recipient the fraction of a second that is in my memory. I love the mythology of the world, especially the Slavic one. He is fascinated by science-ficion topics but also social psychology, philosophy and anthropology. From childhood, history. I find brilliant themes in the world of fauna and flora. In particular in the field of entomology. On the one hand, a wide view makes it easier for me to take on an infinite variety of topics, which is useful for special customer orders. On the other hand, it strongly complicates focusing on a specific collection. I could compare my portfolio to a sketchbook from a journey through life. And the textures of the sculptures, both clay and metal, became a reflection of my illness. This disease, first brought me to the edge of existence, to finally strengthen and resist all adversities on the part of people and fate.

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I rarely attend exhibitions. I do not archive information about them. But I remember all these places and people I met


electronics engineer (1996), economist technician (1999), master ethnologist (2006), sculptor artist (all life)

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