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Daria Okhrimenko

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Daria Okhrimenko

My name is Daria Okhrimenko and I am passionately in love with watercolor and botanical art. My works are imbued with a deep appreciation for the natural world and a desire to share its beauty with others. Each piece is a labor of love, born of a deep appreciation and a desire to share its beauty with others. People often ask, "Why flowers?" At first, I just wanted to answer: "Why not?". Now I understand that I choose flowers because I want to convey their essence, revealing a unique individuality and character. I get incredible pleasure when I see how a beautiful and unique beauty blooms on white paper, stroke by stroke, with each movement of the brush. Ultimately, my goal as a botanical artist is to inspire others to see the natural world with fresh eyes and to recognize its incredible value. Whether through a delicate bloom or a riot of color, I hope to convey the beauty and complexity of nature in a way that resonates with all who view my work.

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May 2023 - Collective exhibition"Unbreakable flowers" in Kyiv, Ukraine.  January 2023 - International Watercolor Festival "Dialogue between watercolor and ink", Quito, Ecuador January 2023 - International Online exhibition "Watercolor Expression" January 2023 - 1st International Jointly Organized Watercolor Contest "The Power of Colors", Izmir, Turkey January 2023 - Collective exhibition, Mystetsky Art Space, Kyiv, Ukraine November 2022 - Collective exhibition "Miracle Canvas", Artist's House, Kyiv, Ukraine November 2022 - International Watercolor online Festival «FREEDOM», Ukraine July 2023 - TERAVARNA ART GALLERY, HONORABLE MENTION AWARD in the "6th FLOWER" art competition April 2023 - TOP-10 artist in «Watercolor Wonders» online competition March 2023 - Global Painting Conclave, Bronze Award in the competition Floral Painting January 2023 - ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, TALENT PRIZE AWARD in the «5th FLOWER" art competition



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