Artist Daniel Wille

Daniel Wille

Artist from Austria

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 June 1st, 2020

About the artist Daniel Wille

Anirealism- is a new direction i am recently developing. The point of it is is extrude and taking out of frames figures and actions using items and materials that are imitating surfaces, structures or themselves. Here i can use fabrics, glass, earth, dishes to breath life in picture, but not as much by source of painting techniques as by emotions.

Exhibitions of Daniel Wille

2012 International art fair “Artists at home and abroad” Broadway art gallery,New York 2014 A/NT Gallery Seattle "Eros" Exhibition 2014 Rochester erotic arts festival. New York 2014 Seattle international erotic art festival 2017 Art fair Jerusalem Publishing: NY Art Magazine -vol12(2012) Art undressed book (2014) Art signature 2015 Less

Education of Daniel Wille

Russian State University - interior design faculty

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