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Daniel A du Preez

Artist from South Africa

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About the artist Daniel A du Preez

I was born in the beautiful South Africa and grew up mostly in Gauteng and the later on moved to the Western Cape where I live and work. I am a quiet person that enjoys the company of myself. At the moment I am fascinated and sometimes obsessed with the unseen organisms, cells, and atoms that surrounds us. It is like a portal to a new universe that forms part of a different dimension, yet is also part of our daily lives and survival. My artworks demonstrates my perception of this concept. The universe and all its complex patterns and rhythms are unexplainable to all humanity, therefore I like to produce artworks to explain them and share my findings for the world to see. These unexplained findings produces unexpected artworks. My fascination with the arts started many years ago, when as a little boy I discovered that colour and shape would make my parents look twice to make sure that what they were looking at was real. From that moment I always tried to create something unexpected to get that reaction from everyone who appreciates art. ​

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2015, Long Street Art Lovers 1932 gallery, Pretoria, South Africa, Portal


I am a self taught passionate artist, I see myself as an experimental artist.

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