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About the artist Dan Shiloh

I was born in Jerusalem Israel. I attended an officers nautical school and served in the navy as an engineer on a destroyer. After the navy I moved to Chicago USA and studied architecture at U of I Chicago campus and graduated in 1972 . I moved back to Israel and opened an architectural office in a small settlement in the Galilee region which became very successful. I retired about 10 years ago and opened as a hobby a black smith studio where I made metal sculptures. In 2009 I moved to Tel Aviv and started painting and sculpting in clay which I do up to these days. I was always interested in arts and I enjoy my painting and sculpting very much. Every year I travel to Florence Italy for at least a month where I paint and sculpt in the Accademia de Arte. I think its about time to share my work with the public and I hope it will enrich the homes of who ever likes my works.

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French art show in Jaffa Israel 2015


Nautical officers high school. Nautical Engineering. Acre Israel. University of Illinois chicago campus. Architecture degree. USA

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