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Cristina Contini

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About the artist Cristina Contini

Cristina Contini is a painter and illustrator, figurative and surrealist artist, her women are majestic in an associative context between naturist landscapes and futuristic civilizations. Specialized in drawing, illustrations and paintings, the works of Cristina Contini focus on the world of women from an unusual perspective, and olso reinterprets the most famous and ancient Japanese paintings, giving freshness with bright colors and innovative combinations.

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Hotel Enterprise Milano Italy Menaggio Como Italy Noto Sicilia Italy Sarzana (sp) Italy


Cristina from the earliest years of age poured her greatest passion in drawing, art daughter of the sculptor painter Parmense Paride Ostilio Maria Contini, she learned and met the art world very soon. He mainly studied as a fashion designer but his passion for painting had the upper hand.

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