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About the artist Cornelis Rijken

Cornelis J. Rijken was born 8th September 1951 in Waalwijk in the southern Netherlands. Art as a profession was a later choice and abstract art his main field of expression. Initially Cornelis dedicated himself to painting. His main acrylic works belong to the 90s and, characterised by a very fine chromatic balance, represent a continuous flow of thinking and stories. The author defines his style as “lyric abstract”. However Cornelis’ need to extend his research led him to explore the third dimension offered by sculpture. He immediately found that this art form allowed him to articulate his own reality as never before. Moreover, sculpture requires a different approach to a project. In order to make the invisible (i.e. thought) visible he has used stone and metal to probe deeper levels of self-awareness and observe the complexity of the mind. His goal is to capture the very essence of human life. Every work of art is the result of this process. As he likes to state: “Simple is the most difficult.” And simplicity invites one to look for hidden meanings in shape. But Cornelis’ main characteristic is the willpower to tackle and solve the challenge presented by new materials and their crafting. He has also drawn inspiration fr om the places where he has lived: stainless steel in the Netherlands, granite and bronze in India, Carrara marble in Italy. In India, wh ere he spent more than a decade, he was also involved in many social projects, including those aimed at relieving the tsunami emergency. Since 2007 Cornelis has been living and creating new works in Casola Valsenio, Italy: here, he has finally found his perfect place.

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2019 – 2007_ SCULPTURE GARDEN in the artist’s residence, Porcaticcio di Sopra, Casola Valsenio, Italy 2014 _ PJOTR GALERIE, Tilburg. “Symbolische Urnen” 2012 _FONDAZIONE TONINO GOTTARELLI, Imola, Italy. “alterVista” 2011 _ FONDAZIONE ORIANI, Ravenna, Italy. “The shape of thoughts / La forma dei pensieri” 2009 _ CASOLA VALSENIO (RA), Italy. “Senso e forma” 2009 _ MARINA DI RAVENNA HARBOUR, Italy.“La Porta del Pensiero”, public sculpture 2008 _ GALLERIA GUTENBERG AL COLOSSEO, Rome, Italy. “Riflessioni”. First exhibition in Italy 2006 _ NIEUW BEERENBURGHT, Eck en Wiel 2005 _ SARAYALAR SYMPOSIUM, Turkey 2005 _ DEMEDICI B.K., Nunspeet 2004 _ PJOTR GALERIE, Tilburg 2004 _ GALERIE DE STIP, Heusden 2003 _ GALERIE 31 VOLT, Amsterdam 2003 _ NATUUR EN SCULPTUUR, Hoge Hees, Eersel 2002 _ GALERIE ADRIAANS, Helmond 2002 _ SVE DAME, Auroville, India 2001 _ BEELDEN IN DE HERFST, Delfgauw 2001 _ ARTEVENT, Helmond 2001 _ EAST-WEST, New Delhi, India 2000 _ BEELDEN IN DE HERFST, Delfgauw 2000 _ JAPAN-NEDERLAND 400, Pjotr, Tilburg 1999 _ GALERIE PJOTR, Tilburg 1998 _ BOOM EN BEELD, SCHOVENHORST, Putten 1997 _ ONTMOETING, SBKD Heusden 1997 _ BURO VAN HASSELT, Oosterhout 1996 _ DRUNENSE KUNSTENAARS, SBKD Heusden 1996 _ GALERIE AN SENGERS, Hedikhuizen 1995 _ DEMEDICI BEELDENDE KUNST, Putten 1994 _ GALERIE S.B.K.D., Drunen 1994 _ GALERIE AN SENGERS, Hedikhuizen 1993 _ DE STENEN POORT, Borkel en Schaft 1993 _ SEYPESTYN, Loorsdrecht 1992 _ GALERIE ONDER DE WATERTOREN, Roosendaal 1992 _ GALERIE VAN DE LOO, Waalwijk 1992 _ NATUUR EN SKULPTUUR, Hoge Hees, Eersel 1991 _ S.B.K.D., Drunen 1991 _ SEYPESTYN, Loorsdrecht 1990 _ BEELDENTUIN S.B.K.D., Drunen 1990 _ BEELD EN TUIN, Hooghalen 1990 _ GOUVENEURSTUIN, Assen 1989 _ KAMER VAN KOOPHANDEL, Waalwijk 1989 _ BEELD EN TUIN, Hooghalen 1988 _ KUNST EN COMPUTER, K.U.B., Tilburg


He attended the Akademie St. Joost in Breda, where, in 1987, he obtained his degree in monumental sculpture and painting.

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