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Tesse feels painting since she was a child. She painted for her colleagues at school and later on, for expressing feelings in a contemporary artwork. Tesse (b. 1977) is Bucharest, Romania based painter, known for her smooth paint brush touch. Her painting influency comes from the family. She improved herself by self-taught and receive private design and painting classes before and during University years. Tesse shared her paintings in private circles. She reactivated her tallent after 20 years and now works from her own studio and her artworks generates joy, energy and responsiveness among the clients. She has a natural skill, using unique color textures and her own techniques. The artist loves colors, shapes and easily aproaches figurative, abstract, improvisational styles, turning a trivial thing into an exquisite piece of canvas artwork. "There is no must in art because art is free."

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Member of painting artist networks: Arte Libre, Abstract Art Gallery, Modern Art; Personal exhibition on dedicated platform The Artist & Leisure Painter magazines; 2018 Loewe Craft Prize Contest participation; 2018 International Art Contest participation Passion to perform; 2019 Initiating and developing Selling Art module with Home Decoration with Design4i Exhibitions: Saatchi Art Gallery; Artmajeur Gallery, Montpellier; Exhibiting and selling her series @Society6 Concept; Artfinder Art Gallery;


Pedagogical HighSchool (Painting & Art History classes) Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

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