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About the artist Coba Beukman

I am primarily a self taught artist. I learnt through trail and error and have subsequently developed my own style of painting that does not neatly fit into the 'Alla Prima' or 'glazing' method, but rather something inbetween that may at times mimic either the former or the latter method, depending on the mood of the painting or the hardness or softness of the subject matter. I will often adjust the expressiveness of the brush strokes, depending on what I feel needs to be conveyed in the particular image. I invite you to continue reading more about me under the 'Exhibitions' section below.

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I've been in a number of group exhibitions, including a young artist award in Mall Galleries London, and an exhibition in Cape Town South Africa. However, most of my life I have worked as an illustrator and later creative director at communications company where illustration was my focus. I found this time valuable in expanding my creative perspective. Currently, I have returned full time to my love of painting and even though my main subject matter remains portraiture, I often explore the bringing together of the two art forms of classic portrait painting in oil and illustration. When visiting my website, please allow a few seconds for the loading time at Please feel free to contact me with regards to custom commissions or information on specific works. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram to see more behind the scenes updates.



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