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Claudia Koenig's alias "koenigsfigurine" artistic journey began with studying object design, where she specialized in sculpture, experimental painting and glass design. Humans are complex beings who are constantly searching for meaning, identity and recognition. Her works of art reflect this search and invite the viewer to confront their own desires, longings, fragility and imperfection.

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"Art reflects the viewer, not life." Oscar Wilde


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Extract: Since 2023 Galerie Tobien, Husum 2023 Power center LWL Industrial Museum Zeche Zollern, Dortmund 2023 Claudia König, “Moments”, sculptures and works on paper, Art & Culture Olfen e. V. 2023 Old material, very modern: papier-mâché, Heuson Museum, Büdingen 2023 Power center LWL Industrial Museum Zeche Zollern, Dortmund 2019 In search of the light of the world, German Stained Glass Museum, Linnich 2017 Elixir of life art - our daily bread, Galerie Ermlinghofen, Dortmund 2017 Graphics from Dortmund, Berswordt-Halle, Dortmund 2015 ARTFUL_HOUSE# 2015, Galerie Kunstmüllerei, Düsseldorf 2015 Definitely not 08/15, Galerie Kunstbonbon, Dortmund


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born in Dortmund Studied at the University of Applied Sciences for Design in Dortmund, specializing in object design, Focus: sculpture, experimental painting and glass design Graduated as a qualified designer Works freelance in the fields of: Sculpture, painting, graphics and illustration. Member of the BBK-Ruhrgebiet and the VG-Bild-Kunst Winner of the GRAPHICS FROM DORTMUND 2017 competition and the elixir of life KUNST competition - our daily bread (2017) My works are in private/public collections worldwide.

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