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About the artist Cicero Spin

Cicero Spin is a self-taught brazilian pop mix-media artist with a passion for beauty, for high contrast color palettes, optical illusions, codes, cyphers and pop culture. The art of Cicero Spin intends to express and share his vision of the reality of life, his feelings towards other people and himself, loaded with his own autistic idiosyncrasies, often transiting quickly and repeatedly between extremes, whether in a single art piece or between different artworks or series, for example oscillating from a photorealistic portrait to an abstract representation of people faces and bodies, flirting with the artistic languages of surrealism, pop and street art. His works are mainly done through stencil art, acrylic and spray paints, cnc machining techniques and collages, but sometimes creating his own processes, as in the "cicerotone" pieces ...

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"Novos Olhares para a Monalisa: entre o Pop e o Contemporâneo", Centro Cultural do Banco do Nordeste do Brasil, Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brasil, Novembro/2018.

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